Sunday, March 28, 2010

found this via Post Secret.

And I laughed out loud because at 6 years old, this was EXACTLY what I thought too.
I thought we were all Polly Pocket dolls and the earth was a special edition of a Polly Pocket carry on.
Hey don't laugh, someone else thought the same thing!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I broke my first test tube today in the Chemistry lab.
I was washing it in the sink and it slipped from my fingers and made the most horrible noise.
So much for my 'clean, I've never broken anything in the lab before' reputation.
I just found out that there's no such thing as pipit lesu.
Its lesung pipit.

What I was trying to say was dimples in Malay but I ended up with 'tired cheeks'.
Ohmygod, BM memang fail la.

Thanks Nazihah for telling me and saving me from the embarrassment.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saya sangat bosan.
Dan saya rasa amat romantik sekarang, sebab? saya pun tidak tahu.
Manakala, saya ingin blog tentang seorang lelaki comel yang ada pipit lesu.

Stop looking out your windows because pigs ARE NOT flying.
Nothing is wrong with me.
I did not hit my head or anything.
and NO I'm not dying, unfortunately for you,
But YES, I am blogging in Malay.
and YES I am being all mushy and shit.

Now that I think about it, there MUST be flying pigs.


I felt the sudden urge to post up some of my Tumblr findings that reminded me of a certain boy with dimples when he laughs.

I won't tell you who he is but here's a clue...


No wait.. I mean..

I think...


I may not be a big Chemistry nerd but...

I may not be a hopeless romantic; BUT

I have never felt so girly in my life.

So I'm sitting next Joanna during Thinking Skills and suddenly she's like "I saw you in the Star!"
My initial reaction was
Then I hear her say the word 'fashion' and only then I understood.
2 months ago, some Star people came to my college and were doing a write up on shoes, particularly wedges.
By mere coincidence, I wore mine the exact day they came. Freaky.
I was sitting in the foyer with
Aida, my sexy smexxy Iranian party animal when suddenly two people who were from Rage come up to me and started asking me questions.
I could feel the stares of everyone else when the reporters started taking my picture.
I was looking out for the story in the papers since but hadn't seen it so it slipped my mind.
Anywhos, here's my write up (:

"Stephanie Boey, 18, shows off her curves with yet another black-strapped wedge. According to Stephanie, this pair of US Target wedges is both comfty and effortless. “I love wedges. It helps me cheat my height!” Stephanie puts on a pair of wedge everyday and even models it to her lab sessions! Wedges the new multi purpose shoe? "

Click here for the complete story and to check out my fellow wedge lovin' schoolmates.
The reporters must have mixed me up with some other girl cause the write up which coincides with mine ISN'T ME!
They switched the pictures and write ups with a girl named Fani, who I do know personally as well.
Heh, how funny.

Bye bye (;

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fuck, that was some AWESOME weekend.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello world (:

I'll just cut to the chase.
I didn't get my 10A's :(
But I'm good.
I know its a rather pretentious and conceited thing to say but I didnt know what it would feel like.
'It' meaning NOT GETTING straight A's.
After getting my 5A's for UPSR and 7A's for PMR, I didn't know what disappointment would feel like.
Well, it felt confusing.
I cannot believe I got B's for BM and Moral.
I was so confident about those too.

When I think about it, this whole shit was a blessing in disguise.
Cause if I got away with -this-, I would've not been ballsshitscared for my life and I would have screwed up my A-levels and my parents RM30,000.
And those results would have been the MOST important.
And quite frankly, I can't go to London with my SPM results even if I wanted to.
Heck, they don't even know what the fuck it is.
I'm gonna ace my A levels and woohoo,
London here I come.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

turning 18 with a bang!

Happy Birthday to me!

Hell yeah, I'm legal baby!

So if you guys ever wanna get into some mischief and I "happen" to be there, I'm going to jail.

Jokes aside, I wanna make a shout out to all my sexxy friends who texted, called, MSN-ed wrote on my wall.
Thanks you guys, I really appreciated it.

Especially my angels who I've known since high school and made it for dinner last night.
Sulekha Sivapatham
Ashqinn Domminic De Alex
Mark Nishant Jacob
Jude Antony De Cruz
Michael Kasheev Raj
Jonathan Ashevin Chandrasegar
Kimberly Sugenthiran
Mallini Kannan

I really really needed you guys.
I miss y'all bucket/truck/tank loads.
It felt good to finally crack some stupid inside jokes man.
You guys are sooo BOOMZ!
(for those who don't get it, google Ris Low)


Monday, March 1, 2010

Facebook is being a bitch.
It won't upload my pictures.
Bitchy Facebook.