Friday, January 30, 2009

wreaking havoc in kuala lumpur

The last time I saw her was in Form3, before she moved to Abu-fucking-Dhabi.
Went totally berserk when we met up in Taman Jaya. She was hugging me till I couldn’t breathe :p We took the train to Kelana Jaya and took the free shuttle to Ikea/Ikano. On the bus, we had our catch up gossip session. We talked about all the friendship, boys, lusty crushes, stupidfuglyslutfaces, and make ups and break ups. So much had happened and changed in the 2 year time frame we hadn’t seen each other.

We walked from Ikano to One Utama after some window shopping at The Curve. I didn’t know that Ikano & One Utama was in walking distance. O.o It seems quite far when I’m in the car, but then again I harldy go to that area.
We wanted an excuse to use the dressing room and camwhore so we grabbed whatever we could find in Forever 21. Charmaine found a pretty flowy maxi dress and she’s been obsessing about plaid man shirts so she grabbed that also. I couldn’t find anything that I liked. It took me forver to just pick a dress to cacatly try on. All the dresses I liked were L! Finally I found a short beaded tshirt dress and even though it was M, I thought’d it’d just have to make do. OOH, and I found the cutest green denim mini skirt and matched it with a rolling stones tee.

Just a few seconds before the camera took a shot, we heard a


We were like what the heck?
The staff in the dressing room were fooling around and knocked over a clothing rack. So all the clothes, hangers and the rack itself went crashing down.
Our faces in this picture is fucking priceless la.

After that, we went to Miss Sefridge and I fell in love with this dress.
It’s absolutely gorgeous right? And it fits me in the right places also. Purrdyyy purrddyyy dress (:

I remember we were looking for Nose and Vincci and it was like a friggin’ expedition. We went from the top floor the basement, from the old wing, to the new wing. And in desperation, we click click clicked on the touch screen directory but we were still hopelessly lost. And when we went back to the floor with Forever21 and Topshop and Dorothy Perkins where we spent almost 2 hours, we see Nose&Vincci, right next to each other across all the shops we went to. =.=

I must, I must own a pair of gorgeous Greecian sandals!

The only thing I bought was a black elastic band. It was a good buy, 10 pieces for 6 dollars. But now I have 8 extra black bands I don't need. XP

After that, we had ice sweeeammmmmm :D I had cookies&cream, that's the only flavour I'll have. I'm not much of a chocolate, vanilla or strawberry fan.

In the cab on the way to Taman Jaya,

In the train,

Cha was hesitant to pose cause the other commuters were staring and gossipping about us. I told her, "Screw them la. They're just jealous cause they're fucking ugly". I mean like, are a bunch of self pitied losers gonna stop me from having fun? Errr, no.

We never followed the rules anyway,


We found a big fan on full blast when we reached Taman Jaya, so you knowwww what we did...

Cha bebeh, it was good meeting up with you. I missed you like hell. We need to do this again, <3

& yes, the insanity does run in the family

Happy Chinese New Year everyone (:

So as tradition, I go to Batu Pahat to spend CNY in my grandfather’s house. Usually it’s just the ‘rents and I, and that’s just effing boring because I have nobody to talk to. Thankfully this year, my cousins traveled down south with us, Sharmini and Brandon.
I barely see my cousins because they live all the way in Shah Alam so it was nice to spend 2 whole days with them. How are we related? Our dads our brothers.

Sharmini and I were really close when we were younger, I used to sleepover most of the time. And I remember she and Ben{her brother, my cousin. He didn’t follow us to Batu Pahat though, he went to Malacca with his friends}
used to scare me with silly stories and I believed them. You two are gonna hell I tell you! Scarring a 4 year old girl for life. Losers.

One the first night, we watched the 40 year old virgin. I’ve watched it before, but it was still really funny. I love Steve Carell, he’s hilarious!

And of course, there were pictures.

Was blowing my bangs outta my face and the camera caught it :p



Cousinly love

I look like I'm gonna bash someone's face in here.

& yes, the insanity does run in the family.
And you know what else? THE BUNNY TEETH.

I don’t know if it’s mere coincidence but we ALL have big teeth. My 22 year old cousin, Benjamin; 20 year old, Sharmini and 14 year old Brandon.

I think it’s a Boey gene or something.
It’s nice to know I have family who have big colgate worthy teeth too (:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guess what happened when I was on my way home from school yesterday?
I bumped into Charmaine!

For those who don't know, Charmaine is one of my closest friends from church. We were stuck to each other like glue during classes every Sunday. We totally clicked when we met in '06 but in '07, she had to move to Abu Dhabi cause her parents had some work there. They're engineers and Abu Dhabi is booming right now so I'm not suprised they need engineers from around the world.

ANYWAY, I hadn't seen her in 2 YEARS until yesterday!
She was in the car next to mine and when I saw her stoning behind the car window, my jaw dropped and I was ohmygodding and waving like a mad woman.
And when she saw me, she was ohmygodding and waving like a mad woman.

You get the picture.

She flew back to KL last year but we never met up because by the time she was all settled in, I had to fly to Manila.

Oi woman, you and I must go out soon ah!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Ohmyeffinglord, it has been a HELL of a week.
Let's see,
on Monday, I had Literature in school until 3.
on Tuesday, I had sports house practice till 3.
on Wednesday, I had a badminton and Rangers' meeting.
on Thursday, I had an English Literary and Debating Society meeting.
and today, Friday, I had a LEO and YCS meeting and stayed in school till 4.
and tomorrow, I have school, ON A SATURDAY!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello everyone (:

Just got back from sports house practice.
I used to hate these but it suddenly hit me that this is the last year of running around the padang with my loose green Francis house shirt so i decided to make the most out of it :D
I almost fainted today.
I always feel faint after I run.
It's not a health condition, it's not fatal.
That's just how I am.

This has been happening ever since primary school. Fainted countless times during assembly.
And once I blacked out in the house and woke up on the floor with broken vase pieces around me.

I fell on it.

I wanted to blog about my pre-Christmas dinner at Godma's last year, but I never got to. Was away the last half of December and I just got back a couple days before school so I never had the time to sit down and look at the computer.
I love going over to Godma's. She's so funny and I lovvvvveeeee herrrrr.
The food was gooooood...

Her yummehh yummeh chocolate pudding. It's like effin' heaven. Fuck the diet la.

and I loved the way she set the table. Had so much fun taking shots of the table display.






I was very tired during dinner. My eyelids felt so heavy. Was up all night watching horror movies with the chicas when we all slept over at Ashqinn's place the day before. We watched 4 horror movies in a row in the middle of the night. But by the last movie, I was so sleepy. I didn't care if the ghost from the Ring 2 was right infront of my face at that point. The Ring 2 was so predictable anyway. Loved the first movie tho.

So anywhos, I wasn't creeped out even if I did watch 5 and 1/2 thrillers less than 12 hours ago. (We watched another movie and half of another after we woke up). I only started getting goosebumps when my Dad, Godma and Auntie Elaine were sharing about their personal experiences. Cause the three of them are required to travel alot, comes with the job la. My dad is flying in from Vietnam as we speak. So their stories really shook me up. I got so paranoid. There was a bedroom diagonally infront of me and the door was open, the light was off and I felt someone in there was watching me.


we munched on cherries after dinner, pretty pretty red cherries.


I like cherries (:

I tried to tie the end of the cherry into a knot with just my tongue. It took me 10 cherries to realize that I couldn't do it.

Ashqinn passed me my belated birthday present when I came over. Sneaky girl, she put the box in my bag without telling me. I love it (:

You're probably wondring WHY it's a number 7 right? Well, my birthday is on the 7th and coincidentally I have 7 angels, my closest friends who have my back.

Speaking of pretty presents;

For Christmas,

I got another GORGEOUS necklace from Ashqinn; That girl knows my taste la.

And yummy smelling tealight candles from Sulu.

A funky necklace from Bianca.

A cute voodoo doll keychain from Kim.

An Abercrombie & Fitch babytee from my Tita Annie.

A Carolina Herrera perfume box set from my cousin, Vincent; 212 Sexy smells effin' good.

and a Swarovski crystal necklace from Godma; it's so PRETTTTYYYY.

Darn, I forgot to thank her when I met up with her last week for Mum's birthday. We had Japanese lunch in Jaya33. I love Unagi (: We had a shopping spree in Midvalley later on. She bought me a copy of The Devil Wears Prada (I know, I still have not read it yet!), raspberry lip butter and some African sand body scrub from The Body Shop. Exfoliate darling, exfoliate. I know, she spoils me. But hey, I'm not complaining. :p

Taa, <3

Monday, January 5, 2009

my much loved monkey bums

First, name your ten top friends.
Second, rank them from number one to ten.
Third, write down a short description about them.

1. Sulekha Sivapatham – A whiz kid and a ghetto gangstaa wannabe.
2. Ashqinn Domminc De Alex - The panaaaas skinny ghetto perfectionist.
3. Kimberly Sugenthiran – The Japanese obsessed empress.

4. Bianca Ann Gomez - The loud, gilerrr bimbo who never fails to make us laugh.
5. Mark Nishant Jacob - The blondie pie and probably the only boy who checks himself out in the mirror more than I do.
6. Jude Antony De Cruz – The Paris Hilton to my Nicole Richie.

7. Michael Kasheev Raj – The boy with the prettiest eyes; Mr. Pretty Eyes.
8. Charmaine Deborah Majalap Gadua – My ethnic evil {older} twin.
9. Shivani Maya Kharbanda – The blogger who’s insanely in love with all things pink.
10. Sa’idah Sheikh Jaafar - My tiniest best friend who I absolutely adore kacau-ing.

1. How did you meet number 1?
Well, the first time I met her was in preschool. And that was 11 years ago. We both went to the same primary school and was even in the same class in primary 6 but we never had a decent conversation until freshman year in high school. All those years, I thought she was a snooty brainiac and she apparently was afraid of me. I’m so happy we were wound up in the same class :)

2. Why is number 7 your best friend?
Because he’s really nice and he’s so funny. And whenever I’m down, he knows what to say to cheer me up.

3. What is number 10 like?
SHORT! Haha. She’s really funny and loud, considering her size. I miss her :(

4. What is your favorite memory of number 3?
Driving her crazy everytime I gush about McSexxayyyy ;]

5. Who does number 9 like?
I lost track :p

6. Love them all?
Like, helllll to the yeahhhhh.

7. Trust them all?

8. How old is number 4?
She’s 16 even though sometimes she acts like she’s 6.

9. Ever been in the same bed? If so, who?
Sleepover; Sulekha, Ashqinn, Kimberly, Bianca.

10. Does number 8 know you guys are best friends?
Yes, she does. And I missss herrrrrr :(

11. Name one of number 5's hobbies.
It's either pool, futsal or punching walls.

12. What is number 6 good at?
Pissing me off, talking crap, eating, banging people, pool.

13. Do you have a crush on anyone above?
Crush? Heh, no.

14. Make nicknames for all of them.
Sulekha; Suluuu wuluuuu.
Ashqinn; Queeny-quinn-quinn.
Bianca; Bablinka.
Jude; Juuudsyyy puuudsyyy.
Mark; Mark Cik.
Michael; Mr. Pretty Eyes.
Charmaine; My {older} evil other half.
Shivani; Ayam.
Sa’idah; Tiny :D

15. Do you love number 1?

16. Who is number 2 dating?
Nobody. She's recently single, as of yesterday.

17. Ever gone on a date with anyone?

18. Know all of number 2's secrets?
Everyone has their secrets.

19. When was the last time you saw number 8?
2 fucking years ago. She migrated overseas and then moved back to Sabah. She came back in early December last year but I never got to meet up with her since I spent half of December away. Will arrange a lunch date ASAP.

20. Tag people.
Whoever la.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Guess who's back?