Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ashqinn Domminic De Alex!!!

I are loves youuuuuu chho chho much <3<3<3
I bought Madhur Mittal already for you (:
Howeverrrrrr, Pos Laju is running abit late.
But no worries, expect that gorgeous Indian boy wrapped in a ribbon to show up at your doorstep soon. ;]
I honestly do not know if I could have survived Form 4 without you next to me in class.
Definitely wouldn't be as fun.
Drawing Mexican men & Johnny Bravo cartoon figures during Chemistry lessons was hella funny.

I love you, my ghettttooo biatttchhhh.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In almost5 years of my high school life, and 3 years of being a Leo, I’ve only attended 1 IU day.
Numero uno.

Because everytime there is one, the timing is always completely off. Or the ‘rents wouldn’t allow. Or…. I was too lazy :p But seriously. ONE.
So, Vaenu you must feel absolutely proud of yourself because I decided to pop my own IU Day virginity by coming to YOUR IU. :D
Their theme was…. erm, well I don’t know you spell it nor pronounce but it was basically about New Zealand and the aborigines. The thing started off with a some sort of tribal dance. Very nice (: I saw Jude in a skirt. Nice legs ;]
Ugh, horrible pixels.
The main reason I came for this was for pure blackmail. After I heard that Mark and Sean were the MCs and that Jude was gonna be in the opening act, I charged my camera and made sure I was coming. *evil laugh* The sound system was bleggh. Couldn’t hear anything Mark&Sean were saying. Dah la those two were fur-aking nervous. I could hear it in their voices. Sean decided to use his funny Chinese apek voice. Funnnnyyyyyyyy laaaaaaa.
I find it strange how the 2 loudest boys I know tend to freeze up when they're supposed to be talking.
I'm so awesome, candiiiiiiiiid shottt.
$ Silhouttes.

The best part of it all was the skit. The boys presented a historical skit about New Zealand. Very funny, was laughing the whole time. Jonathan looked so blur during the tribal dance. Everyone had their aggressive, I’m gonna break your bones and eat you alive face but Jonathan, had the Jonathan face. The huh?what?what did you say?who?where?when? face. Typical Jonathan. My Mojo Jojo to my Powerpuff Girls XD

The electricity went off forawhile and I was dying. It was so incredibly panas as it is. Somemore no fan. Somemore I’m wearing a sweater. Somemore I have a tendency to faint, like a lot. So in my head, I was like MAMPUS LAAAAAAAAAA. Kim was so sweet (: She was checking up on me every few minutes cause she knows how I get when I’m overheated and low on oxygen. Unlike some people who just think I’m having a bitch attack. *coughcoughMARKNISHANTJACOBcoughcough* Tard.

Trying to coincide with the theme.

The sweaty master of ceremonies.
$The other sweaty master of ceremonies.

The cutuest thing in the world.
$The gay best friend.
$He wanted to show off his new 'do'.
$Being the absolute monkeys we are.
$The two stick figures. Skinny people! Go burn in helllll.
Stupid Sean.
Love Kim's face here.
Skinny boy, go eat a chocolate bar or something.

It was a fun day (: Got to meet up with my he-she’s,she-males,she-boys,she-men,he-girls ETC. :D

You know you love me.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I miss the gym.

Was supposed to go yesterday but I’ve been *cough* sick ):

Was click click clicking through old albums in my folder and I found this…

This is a good picture (:
It speaks a million words.
I, look like a mischievous bum. Which I am.
Bianca, looks like she’s having fun smacking that. Which she does.
Ashqinn, looks like she has a tiny ass. Which she does.

Barbie turned 50 bebeh ;]
The doll we and our mothers grew up playing with. I think Barbie has distorted every girl’s image of perfection. Because every girl who owns a Barbie doll will grow up thinking that being 5”7, huge boobies, teeny tiny 24 inched waist, long lean legs and skinny formed upper body is beautiful. If Barbie was a real person, she’d be too friggin’ skinny to have her period.

I think Barbie’s clothes are the sexxxx la
. Especially the vintage ones. The original 1950’s Barbie’s have the awesome-est clothes. (:

The original Barbie

I had the one on the far right (:

A hoity toity Barbie.

This scared the shit outta me.
Presenting, C-section Barbie and midwife Ken (:

Now THAT's disturbing.

Scottish Lass Barbie,
I like this one. Very pretty :D

French Can Can Barbie,

Indian gorgeous Freida Pinto-esque Barbie,

Spanish Flamenco dancer Barbie,

Slut Barbie,

Fabulous Kimora Barbie (:,

Marilyn Monroe Barbie :D :D :D :D

the Audrey Hepburn Barbie!
*le gasp*

Yes, its safe to say I'm having a second childhood phase. I'm making up for it (: I never appreciated Barbie's clothes.
This is what I do during Chemistry when I’m bored and finished drawing all the possible structural formulae for alkenes and alkanes.

Pretty, no?
Copyrighted bitches. If any of you steal my design I’ll hack your face with a parang.
Right now, I want tattooes on my wrist and waist. And am considering a cute tiny nose stud.

Was shopping online the other day and I found thissssss,
Coach Teal Satin Flap Clutch & Wristlet
Current obsession,

And her gorgeous Topshop collection.
Oh how I lust theeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I find Kate Moss very pretty (: and I can just picture Mark nodding to this.
Stop pressing your face to the screen, you perv. :p

London baby is gone. Parents decided that 2 dogs were too much to handle.
Question, if we didn’t need a dog, why the hell you go get a puppy for?
And you only tell me your giving her up A DAY BEFORE you give her away?
Don’t ever ever ever bring home a puppy and keep her for a month or two and let me get attached to her.
Cause its really inconsiderate.
And totally phony when you nonchalantly tell me that she’s already gone and adopted by somebody else.
And don’t ask me whether I want to see pictures of her with her new owners, in her new kennel, in her new home with her new family.
Cause it just makes it worse.

I'll miss you, you crazy-hyperly-energetic-fatty bom bom :(