Saturday, August 23, 2008

.they call it deja vu, but i'm just in love with you.

speaking of blondes...


blondies :D

Famous Blonde Moments
Blonde Moment #1
Stephanie: My school's Jubilee Dinner is gonna be at JW Marriott. I can't wait :)
Mark: *blur* Who's this JW dude?
Stephanie: O.0
Blonde Moment #2
Bianca: Steph, is your dad a tourist?
Stephanie: Hahhh??
Bianca: Is your dad a tourist or nottttttt?
Stephanie: whatthefuck are you talking about?
Bianca: Because your the BOMB! HAHAHA! Get it? Get it?
Stephanie: =.= I think the word you're looking for is TERRORIST.
Blonde Moment #3
*kim complaining about how short her hair is*
Kim: I'm bald again! Thank god I was there when she cut my hair.
Us: Errr... dohhh.
Blonde Moment #4
Pascal: *screaming her lungs out*
Stephanie: Oiiiii. Don't scream like that, scream like NOT like that.
Blonde Moment #5 [this is my favourite]
*Sulu just got her contacts on and was getting used to them*
Sulu: *blinksblink* Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can't see!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

introducing stephanie JORDAN boey su yin

So I FINALLY got confirmed! Woohoo! After years of dragging myself to class every Sunday morning, I'm finally.. done :) I must admit though, I'm gonna miss class and the fools I love.

When I arrived at church, I felt so uncomfortable. Felt like I was wayy overdressed for some reason. The stupid thing is some people came with friggin' tiaras okay! All the girls looked gorgeous and the boys looked so good ;] haha. Managed to yank off those low ass jeans and stinky sneakers. While waiting for mass to start, I felt totally invisible. All the people in my group are really close except me. Have been rlly cold and distant from them. There are one or two girls that I can actually connect with, but I don't seem to get along with the rest.

After what seemed like ages.... we made our grand entrance

Mum made me "cover up" for mass. Totally ruined my dress. Ugh.

Ka Kit came :) Was so excited to see him that I literally shoved my way through the crowd and hugged him. I felt guilty for being so mean after that. I mean like, hello. I'm in church and I just got friggin' confirmed. To whoever I shoved outta my way and yelled "Move!", I'm really sorry :D

I know what you're thinking, "Why is Jude holding flowers?" Lol, well cause they're mine. I gave mine to him. Not much of a flower person. It would have ended up in the trash before the day ended, so I decided to spare them and gave it to him.

Make up check

Darlingggg Samantha

As usual, everytime I put Ka Kit and the girls in the same room, there's bound to be a cat fight. Ka Kit will outbitch Bianca and annoy Sulu till she snaps. It is friggin' hilarious to watch.

And yes darlings, I am so definitely crashing your confirmation day too :)

With Mr.Sean John and Kim.

I love this bunch; Kim, Mark and Michael.

My bitch ;]

Michael LUKE :)

Iris, Sam, Kim.

Weng Onn sesat. Lol.

I love my Godma :D

I miss my godmother. It's too bad she couldn't be my sponser. Godma has been spoiling me ever since I was born. Everytime I saw her, she always had goodies for me :) She gave me my first pair of rollerskates. I eventually fell on my chin and was walking around school with an ugly purple bruise. I remember the Christmas Eve parties she threw in her gorgeous apartment in Bangsar. The enormous christmas tree with the professionally wrapped gifts under it, the wine, the music, the crackers. For one Christmas, she gave me a collector's item, Barbie doll. It was the object of all envy the whole night among all the 6 year olds. She moved to London shortly after that and recently migrated back here 3 years ago. I get along with her more than I do with my mine. Sometimes I wish she was my mother instead.

Check out the tie :p

Babyyy Christopherrrr. This boy is so so comel, I tell youuuu.

Group SIX-ayyy; Mark Lim and Bryan

Credits to Ka Kit for this one.

Michael with his bow tie. Poor boy was getting teased all night.

Check out my bling.

That's Bianca's cardigan. I don't think it'll ever shrink back to size.

I gotta run. My room's in a mess and I have church and post confirmation starts tomorrow. I'm gonna check it out and see if it's worth lugging myself there every week.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


don't you wanna know how we keep starting fires? <3